Award winning Kayak safety equipment

Sea Guide Towline

The bag has two tows:

The priority in making this device was functionality. The user is likely to deploy the device on a regular basis & needs a simple system which can be repacked in rough water and then be deployed again.

  • Main Tow
  • Second Tow

Karabiner Maintenance
Sea salt crystals can form & block up the karabiners springs and so we highly recommend rinse in hot water after use & spray with silicone spray. 

Sea Contact Tow MK11

Sea Kayak Contact Line
The purpose of this device is to enable a short line contact rescue of one sea kayaker by another sea kayaker by connecting the carabiners to the deck lines of each boat. Suitable rescue training must be undertaken before using this device.

The cam buckle allows adjustment of the length of the line. Simply open the buckle and slide the yellow webbing to adjust. Leave at least 25mm of “tail” out of the buckle.

For the Sea Kayak Contact Line to have the correct effective strength the cam buckle must be backed up by the D ring. Failure to thread the yellow webbing through the D ring may result in the webbing sliding through the buckle under load. Flat side of the D ring flush with the edge of the buckle