• Length: 5500mm
  • Width: 550mm
  • Waterline width: 490mm
  • Waterline length: 5500mm
  • Displacement: 130 kg but you could easily carry another 50 kg +
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.585
  • Total Volume approx: 424 lts

The Quantum has been designed as a new fast load carrying Expedition Sea kayak with unique features. Its built for speed, its swede form (widest point behind the cockpit) for the intermediate to advanced kayaker.

A lighter version is available specifically for kayakers who want to use the kayak for fitness training. It is relatively easy to keep this kayak moving through the water at 5 knots.

It paddles well in wind and downwind it is possible to surf down the face of a wave and climb up and over the next.

A unique feature of this kayak is a rudder that folds down into the deck. This makes the kayak far safer for someone rescuing the kayak and paddler.

Optional Extra:
The optional self-bailer is a unique feature on the Quantum. This is fitted to the cockpit area and it is possible to empty a relatively full cockpit in under a hundred strokes.