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Top Versatility

When you buy a Celtic paddle you can be certain that it is the correct paddle for you. Celtic have developed their 4 piece paddle with a beautiful carbon fibre loom which is at the heart of their versatility. This is because not only can you change the angle and the length on the loom but you can also simply change the blades. So if you buy a large fibreglass 700 paddle and then find it is too big for you, then all you have to do is purchase a set of smaller blades which will clip on. You also have the choice of upgrading from a standard N12 nylon to a carbon blade without having to buy a complete new paddle! Another plus is if you are unfortunate enough to damage a blade we can supply a replacement – again no need to buy a complete new set of paddles!

4 piece paddles are easier to transport particularly if you are travelling overseas.

Nylon Leverlok – The Nylon Leverlok is a strong robust joint and provides both length and feather adjustment.  Index grips on straight shafts can be removed.  Grip areas are covered in a protective sleeve of either a black gloss plastic shrink or a rubberised shrink grip.  Now available for both Standard 29mm OD shafts and Narrow 27mm shafts.  The Nylon Leverlok is our most popular choice of centre joint due to its ease of use, durability and low maintenance.

Joint Options
Blade Joints – all three and four piece paddles utilise the Paddlok joint to ensure a strong rock solid joint that has been tried and tested by expedition paddlers for many years.  The Paddlok joint gently expands forming a tight solid fit time after time.

Choosing your kayak paddle

The choice of paddle is as important as the choice of Kayak. .

A good paddle will become an extension of the body.  It’s important to consider the type of paddling you are going to be doing and get the best balance of weight, strength and flexibility.  

Considerations for choosing the right paddle.

  • Blade Material
  • Blade Size and type
  • Shaft material
  • Shaft type
  • Shaft length
  • Paddle joints and break down options

Blade Material

Sea Touring Paddles have three options for blade material.

  • Carbon Composite – For our Pro range of paddle blades – Very low weight – and stiff for the maximum power transfer.
  • N12 Nylon – Ultra tough and hard wearing – ideal for rental, hire fleets, training centres or club paddles were durability is essential.  N12 Nylon is a tough plastic polymer which is mixed with fibre glass particles to produce the ultimate combination of strength and durability
  • SF Polymer – Light weight – entry level to intermediate paddle. 

Whitewater blade material Options.

  • Carbon Glass Composite – Whitewater specification – stiff and light
  • CF Carbon Polymer – A tough Nylon Polymer injected with Carbon Fibres – Lightest polymer option
  • N12 Nylon Polymer – Tough durable and hard wearing
  • LF Polymer – Whitewater specification plastic polymer – entry level option

Blade Size

Blade size is an important consideration, large powerful blades can get you from A to B in fewer strokes, whilst smaller blades can improve endurance and reduce strain on your wrists and shoulders.  With Sea Touring you have the option to carry a choice such as lighter, smaller or mid-range blades for covering distance and larger more durable blades for catching waves and playing in rock gardens.

As a general guideline for Sea Touring paddles: (Numbers represent the surface area of the blade in cm2)

  •  Adult males should consider 700, 650 & 600 blade sizes
  • Adult Females should consider 650, 600 & 575 (new size)
  • Teenagers 575 (new size) or 600
  • Unders 13’s  Cybi Bach (Gremlin) 560 or 575

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