We are the approved SKUK dealers and repair agents for Ireland.

I have been paddling for over 12 years and am currently BCU 4*and a club leader with ECSKC which is the largest Sea Kayaking club in Ireland. Originally when I started I built my own kayaks ranging from simple “stich and glue” designs through to more complex strip planked hulls. This has helped to give me an understanding of how kayaks work best according to their payload centre of balance etc in a variety of sea conditions. I have also paddled a wide range of commercial hulls in various sea conditions over the years. When I tested kayaks from the SKUK range I was blown away by their comfort and handling.!

The SKUK range have fantastic handling particularly in rougher choppy water and have been extensively developed in Angelsey where, with its wide variety of sea states ranging from tidal races to prevailing onshore winds, it is a perfect place for sea kayak R&D!

I have set up kayak sales and repairs to facilitate all paddlers from Level 2 starters through to expert level.


We are simply plugging into the vast experience of Nigel Dennis and his high quality range of superb handling sea kayaks and paddles, which are ideally suited to all paddling conditions.

The quality of the SKUK range is excellent with all hulls going through several QC processes before they are finally approved for sale.

The huge variety of hulls in the range means that everyone will find a kayak that fits them and their paddling needs.

NB You should not need to try more than 2 hulls based on your height and weight in order to find what suits you best!

Repairs & Maintenance

Bad days happen to us all from time to time causing damage to our precious kayak ranging from simple loss of gel coat to holes in the hull! You can reduce daily wear and tear simply adding a keel strip.

We do all types of repairs and also maintenance such as Keel strips, fixing skegs, renewing deck lines, major and minor hull repairs